Total Program Credit Hours: 93

Cost per Credit Hour: $335*

Estimated Program Cost: $37,070*


Application Fee: $150 (nonrefundable)
Enrollment Fee: $100

The following fees are added to the tuition each semester:
Technology Fee: $70 per semester
Insurance Fee: $100 per semester
Equipment Fee: $115 per semester

Other Fees
Diploma Fee: $100 at graduation, includes diploma and 3 transcripts

Additional Transcripts: $12 upon request

Books, transportation, food, and living arrangements are the sole responsibility of the student.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Because we are a brand-new school, many of the traditional loans and scholarships are not available to our students.  Most require that the loan/scholarship go to an accredited school, and it will take us at least 3 years to gain accreditation.  We are not eligible for Title IV funds (government loans/scholarships/grants).  Here is a list of some possible options for financial aid:

Monthly payments in advance: Students can pay the school each month for the upcoming semester.  Payments will vary, based on how many classes the student is taking and whether the student is getting additional funds elsewhere.  A full-time student who isn’t receiving any other sort of aid can expect to pay around $1,000/month for the first year.  Semester tuition needs to be paid in full by the start of each semester.  The advantage of this option is that there is no interest.

Crowdfunding:  There are several sites where students can raise money for their education.  It is up to the student to create and promote their crowdfunding campaign, and ensure that they have enough money for tuition and expenses.

Personal Loans: These could be from a bank, credit union, or a friend/family member.  Note that loans usually have interest, and will increase the overall cost of your tuition.  Personal loans are available to those who qualify.  Requirements will vary by lender.

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