Founder/Executive Director/Academic Director

Kristin Schuchmann, CPM, LM, a second-generation midwife, a graduate of Commonsense Childbirth School of Midwifery, and a practicing home birth midwife in southwest Florida, is the founder of Heritage School of Midwifery and Natural Health Sciences.  Kristin is also fulfilling a dream to see maternity care and birth outcomes improve globally as the founder and executive director of Charis Childbirth, Inc., an international school that trains childbirth professionals.  Having benefitted from close relationships with respected, skilled midwives, including her own mother, Kristin finds great satisfaction in mentoring and passing along the knowledge, skill, and wisdom she has attained over the years.  When she is not “working”, Kristin enjoys sitting on the beach, hiking in the mountains, singing, gardening, and preparing “gourmet” healthy meals.  Kristin’s greatest passion and love are for her family and she is thoroughly enjoying grandmotherhood.

Founder/Financial Director

Todd Schuchmann, the son of a chiropractor and great-great-grandson of a midwife, graduate of Thomas Edison State College with Bachelors of Applied Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology, and successful sales professional is the wind beneath Kristin Schuchmann’s wings.  He has provided immeasurable support and behind-the-scenes help as the operations manager of Charis Childbirth, Inc. and LifeSong Midwifery, Inc.  His skill and experience in business and finances, coupled with his natural ability to encourage people and his passion for seeing people succeed, make him the perfect fit as the business director in an educational institution.  In his spare time, Todd enjoys doing kung fu and tai chi, reading, golfing, singing, playing guitar, and taking on whatever new projects his wife envisions.  Todd considers his greatest accomplishments to be in his family life as a loving husband, father, and grandfather.

Administrative Director/Admissions Representative

Christy Hicks earned her BA from the University of South Florida in 2012. She first became interested in midwifery when she was pregnant with her oldest daughter, Athena, in 2011. Since then, she has worked in an administrative capacity for LifeSong Midwifery and Charis Childbirth. She has been instrumental in the founding and administration of HSM.  In her free time, Christy enjoys reading, tai chi, and playing with her two adorable daughters.

Clinical Director


Susan Oshel, CPM, LM is a Virginia licensed CPM who began attending births as a doula and midwife’s assistant in 1977, and in 1981 attended her first birth as a primary midwife.  She grew up in Virginia Beach, VA and spent most of her adult life in Floyd County, VA, where she served the beautiful, rural, diverse mountain community as a traditional midwife.  Along with a committed group of sister midwives, professionals and consumers, Susan successfully worked toward legalization of Certified Professional Midwives in Virginia.  In 1999, Susan developed and launched her first midwifery academics course with great results.  In addition to her expertise in women’s health, reproduction, birth, lactation, infants and children, she has extensive education in herbs and nutrition.  She maintains membership in Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) and the Virginia Midwives Alliance (VMA) where she is the director of professional accountability. Susan has assisted over 1,000 births and continues serving families in SW Virginia. As the Director of Midwifery Studies for Charis Childbirth, an international school for midwives, Susan has provided education and consultation for midwives all over the world since 2006. Susan is also currently involved in analyzing midwifery statistics as a Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) data reviewer and has reviewed over 25,000 birth forms to-date.  Susan and David, her husband and high school sweetheart, currently live in Roanoke, VA.  They have 5 grown children, seven grandchildren, and three great grandbabies.  In her free time, she enjoys gardening, sewing, and graphic art.


Clinical Coordinator

Lara Costa, BS, was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. She graduated from Pine View School in 2002 and fulfilled her lifelong (seriously) dream to be a Gator that fall. In August of 2006, she received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida, majoring in Animal Science, and commissioned into the Army Reserves as a second lieutenant. Previously, Lara worked as office manager and birth assistant for two different birth centers. Lara has two children, both born with the help of midwives, that are living their best homeschooled life. In her free time, Lara enjoys trail running and body building. She also coaches youth soccer, reads an inordinate amount of science fiction, plays the piano, and has too many rescue dogs. Lara also enjoys springing crazy last-minute ideas on her husband, like painting the kitchen cabinets, and he mostly tolerates it. She has yet to find his limit.

Assistant Administrative Director

Tessa Nobles has 12 years of experience working for a Fortune 500 company where she served in a customer service/administrative role and climbed her way up the ladder to one of the top management positions at the retail level. She loves people and her passion is leading and supporting others. In 2013, Tessa was introduced to midwifery care when she had the privilege of being present at the home birth of her nephew. She then chose to birth both of her children with the assistance of loving and skilled midwives. Since then, she has felt a calling to support this community. In her free time, Tessa enjoys walking on nature trails with her family, singing, crafting, and going on adventures with her two boys.


Academic Coordinator

JaMeya White is a 2018 graduate from Westerville Central High -School in Columbus OH. She discovered very early that she was passionate in coordinating and facilitating events. She has 4 + years of continuous experience in administrative assisting. While working in Columbus, OH, she had the opportunity to assist in launching a Charter School as an Office Manager, Enrollment Specialist, and a Parent- Student Liaison. She finds joy in encouraging and equipping students to reach their full potential. Since discovering the disparities in birth outcomes for people of color, JaMeya is especially excited to be part of supporting student midwives in becoming part of the solution. In her free time, JaMeya enjoys going to the beach, trying new foods, taking photographs, singing/songwriting, professional MUA, and worship leading.



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