Mission And Vision


Heritage School of Midwifery (HSM) was birthed from the hearts of midwives and lovers of midwifery who saw a need for southwest Florida to have a midwifery school to train highly skilled Florida Licensed Midwives. Kristin Schuchmann, HSM’s Founder and Executive Director, saw this need as she trained to be a Florida Licensed Midwife and had to travel several hours to school each week.

Heritage School of Midwifery (HSM) passionately ensures the rich heritage of midwifery continues to be passed on to the next generation. Midwifery is so much more than a job or career. It is a calling, a culture, and a labor of love. We invite those who share our passion for childbirth to come learn the art and science of midwifery.

HSM’s robust 3-year midwifery program includes traditional classes and hands-on experience. Students will observe and eventually assist a Florida Licensed Midwife with prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. Upon completing the Midwifery Course, students will receive a diploma and are qualified to become a Florida Licensed Midwife (LM) and a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) by taking and passing an exam administered by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). The first class of the Heritage School of Midwifery began in September of 2017.

Our Vision

Drawing from the wisdom of those who have gone before us and utilizing the vast body of current knowledge and skill, HSM provides the highest quality of midwifery education. We thoroughly equip aspiring midwives to serve their communities with excellence. We are creating a lasting legacy and rich heritage, ensuring continued access to maternity care providers who follow the Midwives Model of Care™.

Our Mission

HSM will preserve the art and science of quality midwifery care and secure ongoing access to excellent maternity care by educating future midwives and cast the vision for passing along this wealth of wisdom from generation to generation. Our success will be measured by seeing the number of midwives in Florida grow as our students reach their full potential and graduate and become licensed.